Friday, January 22, 2010

A Single Man week-in-review

In case you missed any of this, here's a roundup of A Single Man in the news and on TV this week:

-Dorian Awards: Winner of Film of the Year and Performance of the Year (Colin Firth).

-The Daily Show with John Stewart: Colin Firth talks about getting naked in a fish tank for a few A Single Man flashback scenes:

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-The Ellen Degeneres Show: Colin Firth talks about filming his naked scenes (again! -- are we sensing a pattern?) and getting in shape for the task:

-The Ellen Degeneres Show: Director Tom Ford talks about befriending Andy Warhol in 1970s New York AND reveals the mysterious voice on the other end of the line with Colin Firth in one of the film's much-talked-about emotionally intense scenes (for all legal purposes, the actor's name must remain a secret, according to Ford):

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  1. You missed Colin Firth's interview on The Tonight Show with Conan. It was on Monday, 18th