Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ecofashion link round-up: Ethical Fashion Show promotes awareness of what we wear.

Professor, author and "ecofashionista" Regina Root has not only been selected to serve as president ad honorem of Latin America's largest fashion congress, Ixel Moda.

This College of William and Mary professor has also pioneered a new "Ethical Fashion" course that promotes knowledge about fair-trade apparel and discusses topics related to the global fashion industry. The course included the creation of an Ethical Fashion Show (footage above), which has been quite popular and is likely to become an annual event. You can read more about students' efforts in this article by Samantha Reichman, secretary of the college's Student Ethical Fashion Organization. You can also find information on the college's website.

Regina's book Couture and Consensus: Fashion and Politics in Postcolonial Argentina, which analyzes fiction, songs, fashion magazines, military uniforms and women's dress (among other things) to create an original understanding of Argentine national identity, is forthcoming this month from University of Minnesota Press.

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  1. nice video clip:-)
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