Wednesday, December 22, 2010

POLL: Which University of Minnesota Press trade catalog design season do you like best?

In honor of our recently published Spring 2011 Trade Catalog (you can download a copy here), we have elected to feature our 23 most recent covers from the past 11 seasons and give you a chance to tell us which designs you liked best. Each season has a theme, and each catalog cover features a new and different way to incorporate the University of Minnesota Press logo. We definitely encourage you to vote, and also to post your comments below. Now tell us ...

University of Minnesota Press Design Face-Off
Which cover design season is the best?
1) 2000 (umbrellas/fruit)
2) 2001 (theater/museum)
3) 2002 (candies/gum)
4) 2003 (outdoor art -- includes Spring-Fall 03 and Spring 04)
5) 2004-05 (eraser/drawing)
6) 2005-06 (earthy)
7) 2006-07 (architectural/buildings)
8) 2007-08 (animals/posthumanities)
9) 2008-09 (head/map)
10) 2009-10 (rocks/outdoors)
11) 2010-11 (neon/playful)

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